Veteran Transition Resources

Supporting the well-being and welfare of UK ex-military personnel is a fundamental commitment, recognizing the sacrifices and contributions made by our veterans during their service in HM Armed Forces. In this guide, we provide essential information and resources available today to assist UK ex-military personnel as they transition to civilian life and navigate the challenges they may face. Whether it's urgent crisis intervention, mental health support, employment assistance, housing solutions, legal aid, financial counseling, or access to educational opportunities, the UK offers a range of dedicated services tailored to the unique needs of veterans. We believe that by providing these services, we can honor the dedication of our veterans and help them lead fulfilling lives beyond their military careers. Below, you'll find contact numbers and links to connect with these invaluable resources.

Urgent Help for Veterans in Crisis:

In cases of crisis, call the helpline above for immediate assistance. When the helpline is closed, callers will be re-routed to The Samaritans 24hr helpline.

Veterans' Gateway:

Veterans' Gateway offers comprehensive information and support for veterans, including priority healthcare treatment and assistance with various aspects of civilian life.

Combat Stress - Mental Health Support:

Combat Stress is the leading charity for veterans' mental health, offering support for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Big White Wall - Online Mental Health Support:

Big White Wall provides online early intervention services for individuals experiencing psychological distress, offering help with various mental health and well-being issues.

NHS - Medical Assistance:

  • If you have health concerns related to your service in HM Armed Forces, contact your GP and inform them that you are a HM Armed Forces veteran.

Housing Assistance:

  • Veterans' Housing Advice: Veterans' Housing Advice

This service provides housing advice and support for veterans, including assistance with finding stable housing.

Legal Aid and Advocacy:

  • Forces Law: Forces Law

Forces Law offers legal assistance and advocacy services for veterans in various legal matters.

Financial Counseling and Debt Management:

  • Royal British Legion - Money and Benefits Advice: RBL Money and Benefits Advice

The Royal British Legion provides financial advice and assistance to veterans.

Education and Training Opportunities:

  • Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC): ELC Scheme

ELC provides funding for education and training opportunities for veterans.